Time Trials Group

Welcome to the TRCC time trialling page, set up with a view to point you in the right direction and offer some advice with regard to this form of cycle racing.

The Club, being the adult arm of the junior Towy Riders, is in its infancy when it comes too competing, but there are a number of riders within the Club already putting themselves through the mill both locally and nationally and we hope that this can develop and progress to other members in time.

What is time trialling?

In a nutshell; the purest form of racing your bike - it's just you and your bike travelling a set distance between a starting and finishing point against the clock (i.e. AS FAST AS YOU CAN!). Due to this crude description it is no surprise that you will find it described by participants and organisers alike as "THE RACE OF TRUTH" - you're on your own - no hiding. The discipline takes place on public roads so safety is paramount so when the phrase "riding as fast as you can" is coined it is done safely and with regard to other road users and within the highway code. But don't be put off by the seriousness of competition - the discipline is fun as you are competing against yourself (until you start looking at the times of others around you and competitive spirit kicks in!!).


There are two types of events, "Club" and "Open"; the former are organised weekly or fortnightly by local Clubs for their members and those of neighbouring Clubs, whilst the latter are open to riders across the Regions. All competitions take place on courses throughout the UK at set distances from 10 miles through to 24hrs (yes honestly - riding for a whole day) and the courses are identified by numbers based upon the Region where they are held (e.g. the South Wales Region which TRCC falls into has the letter "R" before all of its courses). A list of all events within the Region (and outside) can be found on the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) website (here). Not only are there individual events but there are series of events run both Nationally and locally where you can challenge yourself against others from outside your Club. These include "The Celtic Series" within the South Wales Region, Welsh Cycling Association distance events and also National Championships.


How can you compete in time trialling?

All you need to begin with is a bike (in good working order), a helmet, legs and lungs - as simple as that in respect of equipment. What comes later as the bug bites is a more exotic bike, exotic equipment and a training plan!. Anyone can participate as long as you are a member of an affiliated Club (to the National governing body - Cycling Time Trials - CTT) and that you are aged over 12 years old (the minimum age for competition. For those aged between 12 and 18 years old you must have parental consent to take part in both Club and Open events.

Link to South Wales Open 2019 Events Calendar - here


If you log into the CTT website there are useful links within the Home Page to give you further advice and information - these can be found under "ABOUT" - "BASIC INFORMATION FOR BEGINNERS" & "YOUR FIRST TIME TRIAL". To compete in the Open events there are links under "COMPETITION" which includes a method of entry online as well as Start sheets and Results.


What is TRCC doing to progress time trialling?

The Club are affiliated to CTT, so there's a start - as long as you are paid up member then let's begin the quest. By being affiliated riders and the Club are covered by third party insurance when competing on sanctioned CTT events. As mentioned, some current members are actively competing so advice can be sought by linking in with them.

Towy Riders Cycle Club Time Trial Series 2020

This year, we will continue with the weekly series of Club time trials following on from last year.

Not only will there be a round a week but there will also be a variation of distances to whet the appetite and suit different riders’ skillset.

The first two rounds will be run as 2 up competitions to get everyone’s legs into the series – these will not count towards the overall championship points.


This year, all the hill climbs are grouped at the end of the series to assist those riders who will embark on the Regional / National hill climb season.


I have included two 25 mile TT’s this year and the 19.5 mile Cefneithin TT will fall a fortnight before this route will be used by the Club in our first ever Open event on the 28th of June as part of the Celtic Series.

The series will start on Tuesday the 31st of March 2020 and continue every Tuesday evening until its conclusion on Tuesday the 8th of September 2020.

Each round will be scheduled to start at the given location at 1900hrs with first rider off at 1901hrs – please arrive in plenty of time to sign on to make the organisers job easier – late arrival = no ride. Suggested parking points / sign on is shown on the series list below. No sign on, no payment = no ride / disqualified from round.

I hope that we will be able to honour the winners of each part of the series with a presentation evening this year with pots up for grabs!

The aim is to keep it simple as possible, with notification sent out via Facebook only prior to each event in order to remind riders which event is on, where to meet, what time and more importantly whether it is on or not (& any variations or amendments that arise).

Cycling Time Trials Rules will apply.

  • Only riders 12 years and over will be allowed to compete and those aged between 12 years and 18 years required to have a Parental Consent Form completed by their Parent / Guardian at the commencement of their first round.

  • The governing body insurance levy remains at £3 this season and after much deliberation (and not wanting to price riders out of a round per week) we have decided not to add a £1 to the entry fee as we did last year (which went towards organisational needs), therefore the entry fee will remain at £3 per rider to those that are, (i) members of Towy Riders, (ii) members of a CTT affiliated Club. If riders turn up and are not members of such an affiliated Club then they will have to pay the additional £1 (£4 entry fee) in an effort to encourage them to join an affiliated Club.

  • No drafting allowed (unless competing as a two up).


Series Rules

  • 24 rounds are in place (see below).

  • There will be Series awards for Overall, Female, Under 18, Veteran (over 40, Senior (over 18 / under 40) and Hill Climb Champion (Overall, Female, U18, Veteran and Senior).

  •  All of awards will be awarded to either male or female with exception to the female only category.

  • Best 15 Rounds for each rider will qualify for the overall series and these will include the Hillclimb rounds.

  • The Hillclimb Championship will comprise of 5 Rounds, all of which will count towards the category awards for this discipline when calculating.

  • If you intend to compete in a round as a two / three / four up then no points will be awarded to you for the overall series.

  • The ongoing round results will be placed onto a spreadsheet contained on the Club website – so keep up to date.

  • Make sure that your bikes are in good working order, that you wear a helmet (U18 must as CTT Rules stipulate), remember that you are riding a timed event on a public road with other road users also in your company and where the rules of the road and the Highway Code apply – it is not a professional race where the roads are closed.

  • Risk Assessments have been completed for each route, there will be appropriate signage and marshalls out on the event but remember – keep your heads in a position where you can see the road and react to obstacles / situations.



All of the routes will be shown on the Plotaroute facility attached to the Club, however I have outlined the routes below which will be on our Club website.

As a Club we also have close ties with other Clubs within our area that are affiliated to the CTT and also promote weekly Club time trial events. You are able to attend their nights as they are of ours. These Clubs have their own websites that show the frequency and distances of their events (links below), so feel free to join in.


Useful links (Click on the underlined text to open link)


Cycling Time Trials (National Governing Body)



South Wales District Committee (Overview of local competitions and National Regulations)



Bynea Cycling Club (Time Trials every Thursday evening from March)


Port Talbot Wheelers (Time Trials every Thursday evening from April)



Merthyr Cycling Club (Time Trials every Wednesday evening from April)



Pembrokeshire Velo (Time Trials every Wednesday evening from April)