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Meet the Towy Rider & T.R.C.C Coaches

​Road Racing Coach

Robyn Davies

I  spent my childhood in Llanidloes, Mid-Wales, where my friends and I used to spend hours tearing around on BMXs’, building tracks and cycling the thirty mile round trip to nearest proper BMX track, on our BMXs’ – pretty tiring. My first taste of proper cycling or “beicwyr go-iawn” as my father used to call them, was when I joined the newly formed Llani Wheelers, set up by a family from Yorkshire.  Barry Hoban was a big influence during my junior years of racing, as he ran the British Eagle bike factory in Newtown, where we used to pop in regularly. I spent two years not focusing on my A’levels, riding junior National level, and getting hammered by the Dutch and Belgians.  After University I returned to racing as a senior with Cardif JIF yo-yoing between categories.  By my late twenties I was after a change and was persuaded by a friend to try a strange sport called Triathlon at Lliswery Try a Tri, the only time I beat Annalease Heard (she was only fourteen). I spent the next few years racing triathlon around the UK and beyond, including the UK ironman in North Wales. After getting a little older and breaking my body a few times in a few places, it’s time to slow down to try and help the next generation. I first came to Towy Riders four years ago with Guto to try the track, and both he and I were hooked. I qualified as a coach two years ago and now coach throughout the year, although many weekend are spent as a taxi taking Guto and Iolo off racing.

Claim to fame – Went to Dublin to see the Tour de France, but missed the race due to some very strange black liquid.

Coach / Club Secretary

Cliff Grout​

Cliff is a 47 year old vegan and an enthusiastic, but generally untalented, road rider and mountain biker.  He started bringing his sons Joel and Max along to Towy Riders in 2009, joined the coaching team in 2012 and is presently the club's membership secretary.

Palmares - Llandovery CC Hill Climb Champion 2009 and once beat Justyn in a 10 !


Cyclo-cross Coach

Carwyn Jones


Mountain Biking Coach

Matthew Page